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HalfOffAtTheBeach.com Offers Risk Free Advertising

HalfOffAtTheBeach.com, with our wide reach, is a great way to advertise your business. There is no up front cost for your deal to run on Half Off at the Beach, no matter how many specials you run or offer with us. This free exposure will bring new customers to your business and put your business out there for hundreds to see.

This great offer works for you by converting no risk advertising into real dollars. We offer quick settlement on all deals sold on our site.

Reach a Captivated Audience

The day of your deal we will send out an email to everyone who has subscribed to the city or cities that you decide to offer your deal.  Hundreds of people could get online immediately and buy your deal.

We can also feature the Deal of the Day on the main page of the Cape Gazette’s web site and on the State of Delaware Tourism's page, www.Visit Delaware.com. This would feature your logo and then link right to your deal on our site.  Ask your sale’s rep for details.

Your deal will also be featured on our Half Off at the Beach Facebook page and will automatically appear on the feeds of everyone who “likes” us.  We also will tweet your deal on our Twitter account (Half off Delmarva).

We want your deal to be seen. Our ads will appear around town; including in the 2012 Main Street Official Guide to Rehoboth Beach and coupon book, the Beach Paper, Catch A Glimpse coupon book and we will run TV ads on Comcast cable.

Can I access HalfOffAtTheBeach.com From My Smart Phone?

Both our advertisers and customers can access HalfOffAtTheBeach.com through a smart phone optimized site. This way, if someone wants to buy the deal after seeing the email on their cell phone, they can click the link and purchase your deal on the go. We hope to have apps ready for the summer of 2012.  These apps will feature the live deals and will be GPS enabled.

Keep Them Coming for More

Many of our visitors might find your business for the very first time when your deal is offered. Your deal is a great way of inviting a new customer to your door. Once someone buys your deal, they will be welcomed by your staff and through a great experience become a loyal and returning customer. 

When accessing the sales report in your online account, you will be able to see who purchased your deal along with their email address. 

What Deal Should I Offer?

Our staff will help you create an offer that provides the most incentive for both you and your potential customers.  To be featured on our site, the offer must include at least a 40% discount from your normal pricing.

How Long Before I See Customers Who Bought a Deal?

Your vouchers can be used the day after the deal closes, unless you have specific offer dates listed in the fine print section of your deal, like a future date. 

How Much Does it Cost to be Featured?

Placing your deal on Half Off at the Beach costs you nothing.  The advertising that we do for your deal is absolutely free unlike some similar sites that require you to buy a print or radio ad to be featured.

How Does the Donation Work on Each Deal?

Half Off at the Beach makes a donation for each deal bought.  Each deal lists the amount donated. The buyer can pick the charity that you would like us to donate to and we will.

Where is Half Off at the Beach located?

We are a Delaware corporation with an office in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Why Did You Start Half off at the Beach?

We wanted to make more people aware of our great area and beaches and to promote the great local businesses. We hope to bring more people here both in and off season to support our local businesses.    

Sign Me Up

You may email us at deals@landmarksgreatdeals.com or call us at 410.263.1722